Saturday, June 6, 2009

In Plain Site.


A family quilt is going to be built using black, white and gray fabric. Colored pictures will be added and then it will be embroidered using the colors from the photograph. I call this quilt "In Plain Site". Most family members will build their block virtually or print out the pictures of the fabric on paper and cut and paste. I will then sew the block. I will probably put minky fabric on the back and no batting or I am also thinking about putting silk-like fabric on the back. This quilt will probably be displayed and not used. I started out with a 13 x 13 cotton backing and then cut it down to 12.5. I then machine embroidered the block. MISTAKE, the embroidery pulls the fabric and it now is 12.25 inches square. I am thinking of putting 1.5 inch sashing between the blocks. My 11 year old grandson is going to make his own. Hopefully, everyone will cooperate and make one block or a block for each of their family members. We have a wedding this fall so that should be it's own block. Our son is getting married on his dad's and brother's birthday.
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